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In order to analyse the needs of the business we use information about the business as well as the sector to understand it's unique needs. Analysis helps us get to the root of an issue that inevitably has a ripple effect on the overall business.


Every business is unique and thus the strategy of solution must be bespoke to the client. Our strategy design is multi layered to ensure that we amplify effectivity.


The implementation of the solution strategy is deployed with great care and supervision to ensure that due process is followed all the way to completion.


Threeframes is a boutique consulting firm focussed on helping our clients do what they do better. The majority of our experience lies in driving the modernization agenda within government and corporate clients. We come to work every day wondering how can we help you get your mandate executed faster, with better quality and lower cost, but we do also recognize that some things are just not about faster, better and cheaper. Sometimes there are specific reasons why things are done in a particular manner. We understand this and will strive to keep the business drivers authentic and true to itself.

Modernisation is a journey and we believe cultivating a blend of people, processes, and technology to transform the business into a more efficient organisation. The company’s leadership brings about breadth and depth of experience in driving a modernisation programme for large and complex organisations. This experience is utilised to help our clients perform better.

Threeframes’ mission is to assist organisations to improve. We tackle this by following our methodology to analyse, design and implement without complicating the situation. We utilise intellect, experience, and technology tools to ensure efficient project lifecycle management.

We have an engineering mind set coupled with years of experience in a military context. This ensure that we objective driven with solid base of proven engineering practices.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are product, technology and framework agnostic. Our range of experience with a wide variety of different approaches, products and technologies have allowed us to blend the best of all worlds into the solution that will fit for your organisation.

Our experience, insight and tenacity to help you clients succeed gives us a distinct value proposition.


We are experts in identifying aspects within an organisation that can be modernised. We utilise our proven approach to analyse the situation, design new initiatives that will save the organisation money, and then implement them according to the design criteria.  

Our team consists of members that have been involved with highly complex modernisation efforts within the Defence Sector, most notably the Defence Enterprise Information Systems (DEIS) Master Plan. A multi decade, organisation wide, master plan of all the information systems within the Department of Defence to modernise the defence vertical as whole within the sovereign borders of South Africa.   

We have an extremely wide range of expertise within our organisation. As such we are well placed to identify specific opportunities that might exist within your organisation in order to optimise your strategic direction. We have extensive experience within the consulting sphere and have been involved in numerous projects in numerous fields. This enables us to approach an opportunity with a holistic technology agnostic approach.  

We follow a holistic approach when looking at a strategic engagement. This means that we will approach a problem from either a bottom up approach (from the initiatives and projects that are enabling the strategy) or top down approach (from the strategy to the projects and initiatives in order to deliver on the strategy).  

We have a team with extensive military experience. Both as in uniform as well as consulting to the defence sector as a whole. Our team was involved with the first implementations of the Defence Enterprise Information Systems (DEIS) Master Plan, the modernisation programme of the Department of Defence (DOD) within South Africa. 

 Our unique position enables us to provide consultation services on a myriad of different programmes that are currently active within the DOD as well as upcoming initiatives.  

Threeframes’ Project and Programme Managers have been involved with a myriad of different projects and programmes over multiple different vertical sectors, comprising of a multitude of different lengths and complexities. We have used methodologies such as Prince2, PMBOK and Agile in order to complete projects and programmes for organisations.  

Our wide array of experience sets us apart. We are used to consistently deliver projects that are within budget, within scope and of the highest quality.  

Through our extraordinary profile we have established an Enterprise Architecture profile that allows us to consistently evaluate the posture of an organisation with regards to their specific EA readiness as well as EA deployment.  

We have worked with frameworks such as TOGAF, MoDAFDoDAF, etc. and are able to establish a framework that fits the organisations’ needs, culture and readiness for adoption. Our engineering mind-set allows us to evaluate a specific customer need according to industry good practices and provide relevant experience and feedback tailored to the specific customer.  

Threeframes have been involved with various projects, both in the public and private sector, to help with the optimisation of specific business processes. Our wide background in areas such as security, logistics, finance and operations allow us to understand not only the problem but also the root cause of the issue being faced. 

By utilising industry good practice we are able analyse the business process, design the necessary improvements and implement the re-engineered process for the organisation.  

We have a set of structured tools and techniques that we utilise in order to assess the specific posture of an organisation with regards to key aspects of the organisations’ ICT capabilities. These tools and techniques span a wide variety of different fields within an organisation including: 

  • IT Governance; 
  • EA Governance; 
  • Project and Programme Management; 
  • ICT Security; and 
  • ITSM Practices.

Utilising these tools and techniques a full readiness assessment can be performed in order to understand the real business needs as well as identify specific areas where additional investments will pay specific dividends.  

Due to our unique capabilities and knowledge sets we are in a position to rapidly analyse, design and implement a custom solution for our customers that will meet a specific need that can’t be met with any other application and/or process on the market.  

We are product, technology and framework agnostic. As such our product range is of a nature that can meet the specific need of any organisation without compromising the current standards of the organisation.  

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